You may be asking yourself “Why would I join a practice and pay a monthly membership instead of paying per visit?”   Have you ever felt rushed during a visit with a medical provider? Have you ever left an appointment with questions that didn’t get answered? Have you ever gone home with a prescription you didn’t understand? Or worst yet, have you had your symptoms continue but couldn’t get a follow up appointment for weeks?  When you pay an insurance company regularly but only pay a Doctor when treatment is provided, your are in a relationship with an insurance company not the people who are providing your medical care.

We want to change that! We want you to be able to call your Doctor first. We want you to be able to understand your health care needs so you can make informed decisions about what is best for you and your family. When you are educated about your resources you are empowered to make better choices. When you make better choices you not only save time and money, you live happier and healthier. This is what we want for our patients access, knowledge and choices. If you have questions about how this system can work for you contact us and we can schedule a new patient consultation. 


Adults under 50
$65.00 monthly or one month free if paid annually.

Dependent Children under 25
$20.00 a month or one month free if paid annually.

Adults 50-70
$75.00 monthly or one month free if paid annually.

Adults 70 or older
$85.00 a month or one month free if paid annually. 

Members will have unlimited extended same day and next day visits. If the need should arise patients can request home visits and no additional charge. 

  1. Urgent and Acute Care.
  2. Annual Health Assements including well-woman exams and pediatric check ups. 
  3. Around the clock telecommunications with your Doctor (texting, voice and video chats) 
  4. Common in house minor procedures.
  5. Access to wholesale prices for medications, non-routine labs and imaging. HSA accounts can be used to pay for these. 

If you are an employer and would like to offer these health care benefits to your staff contact us and we can put together a benefit package that works for you.